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Article: Autry Sneakers: Tradition, Quality and Style United

Autry Sneakers: Tradition, Kvalitet og Stil Forenet
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Autry Sneakers: Tradition, Quality and Style United

Fashion is often a reflection of our history and culture. Autry, the American sneaker brand, has understood this connection and creates iconic sneakers that are inspired by vintage models seen on some of the biggest sports stars of the past. Their shoes combine high quality, comfort and a unique look, making them a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

History Relived by Friends
The story of Autry is like something out of a movie. A group of friends, captivated by the brand's pioneering spirit, decided to revive it. They were inspired by vintage products and combined it with the latest technologies. The result? Autry's continuous innovation leading to top-class design, quality and comfort.

They also paid tribute to part of their heritage in the form of collaboration with Bob Lutz, a famous tennis player who won a total of 54 titles and 5 Grand Slams in doubles. Four decades later, he happily supported the launch of the new Autry.

Timeless Elegance in Leather
Autry has today introduced models in lamb and nubuck leather for an even more exclusive look and feel. This reflects their commitment to providing the highest quality sneakers.

Discover Autry at Us
Autry sneakers are more than just shoes; they are a tribute to history and style. With us, we have carefully selected Autry shoes and clothes that combine comfort, quality and a unique elegance. Discover Autry here

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