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Article: Les Racines Du Ciel: Sustainable fashion with heart and conscience

Les Racines Du Ciel: Bæredygtig mode med hjerte og samvittighed
autentisk design

Les Racines Du Ciel: Sustainable fashion with heart and conscience

In a world where fashion often follows fast trends, Les Racines Du Ciel stands as a counterweight. The brand has a simple but deep vision - respect for people, animals and nature. Their clothes are created with love for the timeless and a commitment to sustainability.

Materials with Consideration
Les Racines Du Ciel goes to the heart of sustainability by choosing materials that are good for both people and the planet. Their sweaters are created without synthetic materials or pesticides, making them biodegradable.

Organic Cotton and Alpaca Love
They also take a stand for organic cotton, which protects bees, birds and nature. In addition, they embrace alpaca wool, known for its softness and warmth, without allergens and with natural temperature regulation.

Goodbye to Synthetic Materials
Synthetic materials such as polyamide and petroleum-based polyester pollute our world. Les Racines Du Ciel goes against this trend by choosing sustainable materials and minimizing the use of non-degradable substances.

Les Racines Du Ciel at Es
Les Racines Du Ciel is the heart of sustainable fashion. They offer soft and timeless knitwear and accessories. At Es, we have selected baby alpaca styles with the finest craftsmanship and simple design. For Les Racines Du Ciel, less is more and their clothes represent the simple beauty of sustainable fashion.

Discover Les Racines Du Ciel and choose clothes with heart and conscience.

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