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in ace you come first

We know that your time is precious, so we at "es" have made it easy for you. We have carefully selected all the best clothing brands and organic skin care products for you.

For us, it's not about selling a lot of goods, but about getting you dressed right. Therefore, honesty is one of our values.

In "es", we have chosen brands that can suit any budget. Our French brand Vanessa Bruno designs beautiful and timeless dresses, Danish Aiayu produces the most delicious knitwear and finest shirts in organic cotton, Italian Forte_Forte produces the most beautiful prints and Swedish Hope designs trousers that you will never tire of.

All our brands have been brought to Istedgade, as they all have a fantastic history and a long future.

In "es", we first opened our doors in 2006. It has been a fantastic journey, and we hope that you will help make the experience even more beautiful.

In "es", we carry brands such as Amazing space, Rudolph Care, Karmameju, Bioeffect, Aiayu, Barena Venezia, Harrison Wharf London, American Vintage, Forte Forte, Pomandere, Anni Lu, Nordenstam and Trine Tuxen and many more.

We give you slow fashion, honesty and quality.

Welcome to es
Love, Tina