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Article: Timeless Beauty with Studio Loma: Danish Design, Sustainable Jewelry

Tidløs Skønhed med Studio Loma: Dansk Design, Bæredygtige Smykker

Timeless Beauty with Studio Loma: Danish Design, Sustainable Jewelry

Behind the Scenes of Studio Loma: Studio Loma is more than just a jewelry brand; it is a manifestation of Danish design heritage and sustainable elegance. Created with love and dedication at Frederiksbjerg in Aarhus, each piece of jewelery is a story about simple, organic and modern design principles.

Beautiful, Timeless Jewelry: At the heart of Studio Loma lies the desire to create jewelry that is beautiful and timeless. They are simple, organically shaped and modern in the finest way. Each piece carries a delicate aesthetic expression that appeals to those who seek the unique and simple jewelry that can follow them through time and trend.

Sustainability as a Core Value: We at ES are proud to offer Studio Loma's jewelry that is not only beautiful, but also sustainable. All jewelery is handmade under Fairtrade ethics and the gold used is an impressive 40-50% recycled. Studio Loma also uses natural, conflict-free rough diamonds and beautifully hand-cut gemstones to ensure that each piece is not only unique, but also ethically made.

Unique Jewelry, Unique Story: Each piece of Studio Loma jewelry is unique and carries a unique story. From the natural variations in the gemstones to the artisanal love that goes into each design, these pieces are more than just accessories - they are a manifestation of Studio Loma's soul.

Craftsmanship, Fairtrade and Aesthetics: When you choose a piece of jewelery from Studio Loma, you are not only choosing craftsmanship and aesthetics, but also a commitment to sustainability and fair trade.

Discover our selection of Studio Loma jewelery here

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