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Article: Anonymous Copenhagen: Shoes with style, sustainability and craftsmanship at the centre

Anonymous Copenhagen: Sko med stil, bæredygtighed og håndværk i centrum

Anonymous Copenhagen: Shoes with style, sustainability and craftsmanship at the centre

In a fashion world that is often characterized by trends and rapid changes, Anonymous Copenhagen stands out as a Danish shoe brand with a different approach. They combine classic design with comfort and traditional craftsmanship to create shoes that not only stand out, but are also deeply rooted in a sustainable vision.

The brand
Anonymous Copenhagen is a Danish footwear brand that offers classic styles inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and European elegance. Their designs are spiced with a bit of excitement and fun, making each style unique. But the beauty of their shoes goes beyond the exterior; the entire production process is fully traceable and carried out in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Each pair of shoes is created by skilled shoemakers using premium Italian, Spanish or Portuguese leather. With integrity as a central principle, they aim to create designs that can stand the test of time.

Certified B Corporation
Anonymous Copenhagen has achieved B Corporation certification, which is an important milestone in their ongoing journey towards responsible and sustainable fashion. This certification underscores their dedication to ethical business practices and environmental responsibility. However, it is not the end of the journey, but rather an important step that confirms their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. Together, they look forward to shaping a future where these principles are at the heart of everything they do, and where the fashion industry becomes more responsible and sustainable.

Responsible Production
Sustainability is at the heart of Anonymous Copenhagen's brand. They work to create responsible collections to inspire their customers to invest in timeless pieces that last longer and thus reduce climate impact. They commit to using sustainable materials and minimizing the use of harmful chemicals. For example, they work exclusively with LWG-certified tanneries committed to responsible leather production. The leather they use is a by-product from the food industry and the leather lining is 100% chrome free.

Quality over quantity
Anonymous Copenhagen emphasizes quality. Season after season, they strive to deliver high quality products that last. To protect the environment, they only produce what is demanded by their customers and their own stores. This careful process ensures minimal waste.

Craft with History
In the charming city of São João da Madeira in northern Portugal, Anonymous Copenhagen collaborates with international artists in shoe production. From cutting and assembling to fitting and finishing, the entire production process is carefully done by hand, respecting shoemaking traditions.

Environmentally friendly packaging and transport

In order to reduce CO2 emissions in connection with packaging and transport, Anonymous Copenhagen has taken several initiatives. All styles are produced in Europe and use road transport only. They have also invested in local distribution warehouses in key sales territories to avoid common back-and-forth shipping issues. They have eliminated single-use plastic from their shoebox packaging and only use boxes made from FSC-certified materials. In addition, they have developed packaging that perfectly matches each product to minimize shipping volume.

Let's take a step towards responsible and sustainable fashion together with Anonymous Copenhagen as inspiration. Quality, craftsmanship and environmental awareness go hand in hand with style in this remarkable story of fashion with heart and conscience.

Discover Anonymous Copenhagen's range here

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