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Article: NORDENSTAM: Jewelery with love, craftsmanship and style

NORDENSTAM: Smykker med Kærlighed, Håndværk og Stil

NORDENSTAM: Jewelery with love, craftsmanship and style

Welcome to Nordenstam - the place where every piece of jewelery is made with love, created by hand and worn with style. Founded in 2010, Nordenstam is more than just a jewelery brand - It is a story of love, inspiration from Copenhagen's lively atmosphere and a passion for good craftsmanship.

The Simple and Honest Design
Nordenstam's jewelery is not just jewellery; they are the expression of simplicity, honesty and sophistication. Inspired by the Scandinavian light, the city's architecture and the power of nature, we create timeless designs that suit all ages and personalities.

Sustainability and Recycling
Nordenstam takes responsibility for their materials and production. Their sustainability efforts include recycling old gold and silver, and they encourage you to give new life to your old jewelry. Nordenstam's Nature Rings, made from recycled gold, are unique works of art that carry the story of sustainability.

NORDENSTAM x CALMLISH: Zero Waste Collaboration
Nordenstam's collaboration with Calmlish is based on zero waste principles. They recycle semi-precious crystals from broken gua sha and other beauty tools to create their unique Glow collection. Each piece of jewelry is handmade and carries the story of sustainability.

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