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Article: Forte Forte: A History of Slow Fashion

Forte Forte: En Historie om Slow Fashion
autentisk design

Forte Forte: A History of Slow Fashion

Forte Forte, the Italian clothing brand, knows how to deliver timeless design in high quality. Their special visual identity combines abstract patterns, beautiful colors, exclusive fabrics and sharp cuts to create clothes that are almost like small works of art. The brand has set out to bring emotions and sensations to the center of fashion, and it all began with two siblings: Giada and Paolo Forte.

The story behind Forte Forte
Forte Forte started modestly with a collection of handmade T-shirts. The Forte brothers come from Veneto, a region of Italy known for its excellent production and "Made in Italy" tradition. They have a deep understanding of both craft and industrial work, thanks to their upbringing in a knitwear family.

After working separately, Giada and Paolo decided to join forces and create Forte Forte. Giada is in charge of design, Paolo has the business acumen and Robert Vattilana, artistic director and Giada's life partner, is the third important figure in the company.

A journey of slowness and style
Forte Forte has actively chosen to grow organically and at a slower pace. Slowness is something they pride themselves on. The brand aims to create clothes without an expiration date, which is part of a constant development. This also applies to their business model, where quality and value are at the center and production is carefully controlled. They open stores one at a time only when it feels right.

Creation of Emotional Spaces
Forte Forte has created stores in Milan and Paris that reflect the same characteristics as their collections. They are spaces filled with emotions and memories, created by Robert Vattilana. These places are warm and welcoming and manage to create a close connection between the space and the person.

Brand Identity and Values
Forte Forte continues to be rooted in Veneto, where the family's ties to the area are essential to shaping the brand. The company's headquarters are now in a complex industrial building, where efficiency and a homely atmosphere thrive side by side. The brand values ​​well-being, both in human relationships, space and clothes.

The collection has grown and offers beautiful materials and colors with clean and timeless cuts. Small irregularities emphasize authenticity and humanity.

Discover Forte Forte here

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