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Article: Escentric Molecules: The Scent of the Future

Escentric Molecules: Duften af Fremtiden

Escentric Molecules: The Scent of the Future

Escentric Molecules is not an ordinary perfume. This ground-breaking brand is created with pure aroma molecules, and the fragrance only emerges when it comes into contact with warm skin. Escentric Molecules consists of two main lines: Escentric and Molecule. The significant difference between them is the concentration of aroma molecules.

Iso E Super - The Creator of Unique Fragrances
The cornerstone of Escentric Molecules is Iso E Super, an aroma molecule created in a laboratory in 1973. Before the launch of Escentric Molecules, this molecule was relatively unknown outside of the perfume world, but it existed in low concentrations in the background of many well-known fragrances, both for men and women . Perfumers appreciate Iso E Super for its soft and enveloping effect on fragrance compositions.

Geza Schoen: A Bold Perfumer
Geza Schoen, the mastermind behind Escentric Molecules, was inspired when he first experienced Iso E Super in isolation. He realized that this molecule was the key to his favorite scent. Schoen began experimenting, creating fragrances with unprecedented amounts of Iso E Super. One fateful evening, he and a friend decided to inject themselves with only Iso E Super - and the results were immediate. A woman at the bar was drawn to their scent and revealed that her favorite perfumes also contained large amounts of Iso E Super.

Escentric and Molecule: The Scent of the Future
Schoen's bold idea was to create two fragrance lines as a tribute to this enigmatic molecule. The Escentric line contains an unprecedented concentration of 65% Iso E Super, while the rest of the formula contains ingredients that emphasize the low-key nature of the fragrance. The Molecule line goes even further and contains only Iso E Super.

Escentric Molecules became a sensation from its launch in 2006 and has since expanded the range with several perfumes that explore rare aroma molecules with brilliant and distinctive qualities. Escentric Molecules challenges the norm and appeals to those who seek something extraordinary in fragrance. Welcome to the fragrance revolution with Escentric Molecules.

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