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Article: Amazing Space: Natural Beauty and Wellbeing

Amazing Space: Naturlig Skønhed og Velvære
Amazing Space

Amazing Space: Natural Beauty and Wellbeing

In 2006, Laura Bonne founded Amazing Space as a day spa in the heart of Copenhagen. Laura's journey began as a treatment and skin therapist, and throughout her career she dreamed of creating a unique, natural skin care range based on the principles of ecology and fair trade. Her vision was clear: to create products that do not compromise either efficiency or results. Her innate sensitivities and allergies motivated her to search for the perfect skin care product. After years of planning and development in collaboration with chemists and other experts, Amazing Space was launched as a skin care range in 2009.

From Spa to Holistic Beauty:
Today, Amazing Space represents a complete holistic universe in health and beauty. This universe includes organic and advanced health and care products as well as a wide range of rejuvenating and effective treatments. It all stems from the passion to promote optimal well-being.

Natureceuticals: Beauty from the outside:
Amazing Space's skincare and lifestyle products are created from natural and active plant extracts, of which at least 95% are natural ingredients. They also contain organically certified ingredients in varying amounts from 20% to 100%. This combination of good and effective ingredients is formulated in an innovative way to ensure extraordinary results.

The brand is based on values ​​such as fair trade and respect for nature. They utilize aromatherapy (treatment with essential oils), phytotherapy (treatment with plant extracts) and aromacology (natural scent influence) from nature. Amazing Space has a clear policy that their products do not contain parabens, petroleum (petrolatum), synthetic dyes, synthetic perfumes, synthetic alcohol, and no ingredients are tested on animals.

Nutriceuticals: Beauty from within:
Amazing Space also has an assortment of supplements in the form of tablets, oil shots, aloe vera juice, shakes and herbal teas. These products have been developed to provide the body and skin with optimal nutrition and care from the inside. The ingredients include vitamins, minerals, multi-omega 3,5,6,7,9 and extracts from plants, algae and herbs.

Amazing Space is more than just a beauty range; it's a commitment to natural beauty and well-being, both inside and out. With a clear vision and respect for nature, Laura Bonne's passion and commitment continues to deliver products and treatments that create exceptional results and promote well-being in a holistic way.

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